In what can only be a blessing for those of us who aren't conscious about what's what in the world of fashion, the resurgence of the sneaker trend is here to rescue us all! The best part of these shoes is that they go with just about any outfit. So, if you've just picked up a smart, strappy summery dress, a pair of white sneakers will be the best pairing for it.


Sneakers and clothes


There was a time when dress codes were fairly rigid. You had to have some basic footwear that would be a starter wardrobe and then some footwear for special occasions. There was no one-style-fits all kind of footwear that could see you through 3 different outfit changes in a day. The sneaker trend is taking care of all that and more! Thanks to the emergence of this unisex fashion trend, people everywhere are enjoying comfortable fashion that isn't burning a hole in their pockets. If you are a business owner and are looking to venture into the highly competitive garment and footwear space, now is the time. Trends are not set in stone – everyone is thinking of comfort and everyone owns a pair of sneakers! You do need to keep some things in mind when you start out in this space, let's have a look below.


Promote Your Brand
. If you need to promote your brand of footwear, now is the time to do it. Here's what you can do: A social media campaign. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and theirliver versions havechanged the way in which companies connect to audiences. If you are a footwear start-up, that is trying to get a foothold in this industry, the best thing for you is to launch online, with a heavy barrage of promotions via social media. Social media helps because you are able to connect with your customer base and engage with them directly.


The feedback is immediate as is the turnaround time for the campaign's success or lack of it. Connect with influencers. If social media is your go-to, then, you know about influencers as well. Connect with them and ask them if they can review your product and, if it's good enough, you will get the leverage you need to make a dent in your sales targets. Find a niche. Since sneakers are everywhere, it is imperative that your product fills a very specific niche, like Chucky Shoes (more on that later).


An exclusive tie-up with a huge franchise, or custom-order shoes, or bridal sneakers, or something that will tell people that you care about the product you are creating for the market. Get in a retail store. Despite the fact that people are essentially buying online, brick and mortar is still relevant. People still love the idea of trying on, walking in, and buying new shoes. So, if you're online, then you can also think of partnering with an established retail outlet to help increase your brand visibility as well as your sales. Quality matters. You could have the best marketing strategy, but, if your product is rubbish, then no one wants anything to do with it.


A great budget is pointless without great quality products
Chucky shoes as we mentioned earlier is a niche product. These awesome chucky shoes for instance, were made for a customer on order and the product has since gone on to be promoted extensively online. When you have a product that has such a specific appeal, you know that you will have the lion's share of the market and you won't have to worry about competition, unless someone comes with a better version of what you're selling.

The Garments And Footwear Business

The garments and footwear business is a very tough space to compete in, and it is important that businesses focus on delivering quality as well as something interesting all the time. Customers are fickle, and commanding loyalty can be a huge ask in today's market where everyone has something new in the offing. In order for you to best engage with your customers, you should be known as a value brand at any price point.

Fashion is seasonal anyway, and you will find yourself coming up with seasonal wear regularly. Considering the stock you will have leftover, discount sales are a superb option to keep your stock rolling and your company in the news for all the right reasons!

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