Our Team

You know what? We love fashion. Today, fashion is at a great place. Mixing and matching is at an all-time high, and everywhere fashion forward folks are experimenting with their looks at styles and it has been excellent for us. Our team comprises of designers, tailors, bloggers, and business strategists so that we are able to create a product for you that is exciting that leads us to the forefront of the garment business as well. The company in its present form came to be in 2015. Until then, it was just one single designer running a home boutique. We chose to expand because we couldn't keep up with the demand for our products. Everyone loved what we were doing, and they kept asking for repeats. That's when we decided to structure our business and scale it. So, here's where we're at now: Designers: This team is the heartbeat of our company. The ones who make the brand what it is today. Without our designers, we would not be where we are today. The design team conceptualizes seasonal fashions and forecasts trends. Then, they create a collection that reflects our brand philosophy which is also completely fashion forward. Tailors: This is one team that sets us apart from the rest. A seasoned team of tailors create each garment painstakingly and to the exact specifications of the designer's and put forward a collection that is truly special and very, very personalized


Bloggers: every fashion site worth its salt needs an editorial team that is capable of influencing the conversation online. The fashion bloggers we have partnered with are interesting and bring an exciting and fresh perspective to our brand. Business strategists: while this might sound like a boring proposition at a fashion company, this is where we're at – we're creative people, we believe in our products and we let them do the work for us. However, we are also pragmatists, and we realize the value of having a good business plan. So just like our designers and tailors, our business strategists are a key component of our team! So that's us, find out more by looking around in this site.

The Garments And Footwear Business

The garments and footwear business is a very tough space to compete in, and it is important that businesses focus on delivering quality as well as something interesting all the time. Customers are fickle, and commanding loyalty can be a huge ask in today's market where everyone has something new in the offing. In order for you to best engage with your customers, you should be known as a value brand at any price point.

Fashion is seasonal anyway, and you will find yourself coming up with seasonal wear regularly. Considering the stock you will have leftover, discount sales are a superb option to keep your stock rolling and your company in the news for all the right reasons!

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