What To Look For In Child Care Service

We would all love to be with our children twenty-four hours a day, but unfortunately life doesn’t work that way and entrusting a complete stranger with our children can be a scary thought. To help make the search for a day-care or nursery a little better we’ve put together a few tips that can help you feel more secure with your child care decision.


Make sure the day-care center or nanny is properly licensed. It’s very important to make sure that the center or individual is at least held to a higher standard through Florida’s licensing.


Ask for references. Yes, you may feel a little intrusive by asking for personal references, but any reputable person should have no problem naming off a few references for you to call, and be sure you follow through and make those calls. It can be as simple as “how do you know ___?” “did your child attend ____ day care?”. Ideally you’ll want to find parents of other children rather than someone’s personal friend. Think of it like this… even if you had something to hide you’re good friends would most likely keep quiet about it, whereas a past client would be more inclined to tell you both the good and bad about the individual or company.


Perform a background check. It’s fairly inexpensive these days to conduct a background check and you may be able to find a decent amount of information from a simple google search. Here in Florida mugshots are posted online so in the event that the person in question has a criminal history in the state of Florida it’ll pop-up online.


Ask your friends. Chances are someone you know can recommend someone to you. Post a status on Facebook or shoot a group text out to your mommy friends. Remember, you’re not the first one to cross this bridge so seeking out the advice of your friends will usually give you a good starting point.


Things To Do In Florida With Your Children

As spring break approaches some of us are left wondering how to make our children’s time off memorable. Below are just a few fun ideas for local attractions that your child is sure to love.

Brevard County Zoo

The Brevard County Zoo is located in Melbourne, Florida, which is about an hour outside of Orlando. The zoo features more than 650 species of animals including numerous monkeys, kangaroos, and giraffes. Be sure to bring your children’s bathing suits because the park also features a water play area and sandy beaches.

For the more daring members of your family there is a zip line that flies high above the zoo and various animal exhibits. During slow periods of the year they even offer $2 admission tickets, which make this park an absolute must-do.

Disney World

One of the best parts about raising a family in Florida is the access to world-famous attractions such as Disney World. Located in Orlando this park is one of the most visited family destinations in the world! Disney consists of four theme parks and two waterparks along with numerous hotel resorts and an outdoor mall. If you’re looking the ultimate activity to do with your child, nothing tops a visit to Disney. Unfortunately tickets are bit pricey, but there are some resources out there to help you find discounted tickets that’ll save you a decent amount of money. Don’t forget Florida residents get an additional discount as well.

Miami’s Children’s Museum

A bit closer to home, the Miami Children’s Museum is designed to provoke the imagination of your youngsters and allow them to play make believe in life-like exhibits. The Museum has numerous exhibits with some being changed out regularly and others being more permanent fixtures. Some of the best include the Port of Miami and, and a cruise ship. Imagine your kiddos pretending to be the captain of a luxury cruise boat and actually standing behind the wheel. Admission to the Museum is only $12 for Florida residents and the museum is located off Macarthur Causeway near Miami Beach.